Radionics / Dowsing class

Working with pendulum, dowsing rod, baguette-pendulum. Disks and cleaning devices for cleaning negative energies. Locating harmful waves caused by groundwater, Hartman and Curie electromagnetic radiation networks, geopathogenic zones.
Neutralize harmful waves. Personal amulets, neutralizers and housing. How to locate neutralizers for homes and offices. Field groundwater search for wells, determining the location, depth and flow. Search for water network Hartman and Curie. Work on drawing / sketch / plot or dwelling.

  • Search for objects on the map.
  • Determining the quality of drugs, food and more.
  • Measuring energy performance of drugs, herbs and more.
  • Determining the effects of drugs and herbs for a particular patient.
  • Definition of compatibility between partners in private life and business.
  • Diagnostics chakras and meridians.
  • Determination of the assemblage point of human power.